About us

Our Vision

CY is changing the world for the better. For over a decade we’ve been employing people with disabilities in a regular business environment, while paying standard free market wages. This should sound obvious but it turns out that’s not always what happens in the real world.
People with disabilities often find it difficult to secure employment due to issues such as inappropriate conditions, inaccessible work environments, a lack of flexibility on the part of employers regarding attendance or the need for a more gradual training process. At CY we are changing this injustice and doing it daily, and with a smile.

Our Mission

Social Perception

A society is measured by its ability to strengthen its weaker members, not by empowering the strong. We believe that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Correcting Injustices

CY was founded with the purpose of changing a dismal reality. Less than half of the people with disabilities and 80% of people with severe disabilities are excluded from employment. 

Our Calling

To bring about comprehensive change in the perceptions and practice of employers regarding the employment of people with disabilities in Israel 

CY's 'Origin' Story

Call Yachol was founded by Dr. Gil Winch and Efrat Segev Winch, a married couple who decided to put their careers aside and dedicate their time, energy, and savings towards tackling an important and challenging social issue. It began when they were first introduced to the reality of alarmingly high unemployment among people with disabilities. Learning about this injustice, they decided they had to do something about it and they made it their mission to create change, first at home in Israel and later throughout the world. They invested a number of years in learning and analyzing the issues and then, developing strategies and operational models to address them. In 2008 they founded CY, a social enterprise that successfully blends business goals with social responsibility. They have been leading CY together for 12 years now, and yes, they are still married…happily!


Gil Winch
Founder and CEO

Gil and his wife Efrat have two grown daughters and lovingly care for their two dogs. Gil has an undergraduate degree in special education and psychology, a Master’s in clinical psychology and a PhD in psychology, all earned at Tel Aviv University and all completed with honors. He is also a graduate of an advanced course in hypnosis (USA) and has had military training in treating trauma. Gil worked for 15 years as an independent consultant with some of the largest companies in Israel, and in 2001 founded Tandem, a company for organizational consulting. In 2008 he founded Call Yachol. Gil loves history, archaeology, scientific innovations, running, watching athletic competitions, Vizsla dogs, social justice and most of all – Gil loves to bring joy and excitement into the lives of his daughters, wife, siblings and all Call Yachol employees.

Gil gets up in the morning…

To leave the room (the world) a tidier place than it was when I entered

Efrat Winch


Efrat is married to Gil and the mother of two girls. She has a degree in political science, and graduated from Tel Aviv University with honors.  Efrat  worked in human resources and she has been the lioness at Call Yachol since 2008, protecting her cubs with her whole self. Her cubs, of course, are the Call Yachol employees. She loves TV programs about birth (Baby Boom, Baby Boom UK, Baby Boom France, Baby Boom Chechnya… you name it!). She also loves crafts and working with her hands, such as stained glass, mosaic and sewing.

Efrat gets up in the morning…

To help our employees deal with life, in order to allow them to focus on a new start, leaving past troubles behind as much as possible.

Pnina Anshel-Targan
 Deputy CEO

Pnina is married and the proud mother of three. Pnina holds a Master’s in business administration and has more than 20 years’ experience in the call center world, managing complex divisions and systems in outsourcing, insurance and communications companies. Pnina’s expertise in service management, sales and technical service, and her excellent skills in data analysis and complex measurement systems are an asset to Call Yachol. Pnina loves to read, play sports and to plan vacations (and, of course, to go on them!)

Pnina gets up in the morning…

To identify the potential existing in each and every individual and to do everything to realize this potential. When that potential suddenly surfaces and bursts forth – that’s pure joy.

Guy Shelly - Portrait

Guy Shelly


Guy is married and is the father of two daughters. Guy has an undergraduate degree in Economics from Tel Aviv University, an MBA from Columbia University and a JD from Fordham University, all completed with honors. Guy worked as a lawyer and as a CPA in New York and as CFO with several companies in Israel.  Guy likes to read, swim and take long walks in large cities.

Guy gets up in the morning…

to combine values with actions

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