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An innovative learning center in the field of employment of people with disabilities.

The Academy is part of CY’s social agenda aimed at passing on its “Links” model to relevant departments in a variety of companies and organizations (human resources, recruitment, direct managers and social responsibility managers) in Israel and throughout the world. Our vision: The more know-how and practical experience spreads throughout the employment market, the more employment options will become available for people with disabilities people

Courses and Training

Why Choose CY’s Employer's Academy? What sets us apart from other courses offered in Israel?


CY offers a rich and interesting variety of unique courses based on years of practical experience in screening, onboarding and the ongoing management of people with disabilities.

Links Model

CY uses a research–based model (Links) which enables us to hire people with severe disabilities who have not previously worked and help them attain regular free market productivity and earn regular free market wages.

Hands-on Experience

CY has twelve years of experience. Over these years, more than 1,000 people with a wide variety of disabilities have worked at the company at all levels.


CY and its managerial model have won wide recognition in Israel and all over the world among academics, social organizations and professionals.

CY Employees Participate in the Training Sessions

Our Employer’s Academy offers a unique package: alongside the theoretical study of our Links model, we offer an active educational experience which includes the participation of CY employees, who take an active part in the training program which offers participants the opportunity to gain live, practical hands on experience working with people with disabilities.

Managers and Staff Also Participate

CY Employer Academy is the only educational center in Israel (and possibly in the world) where you can learn from people who actually manage people with disabilities on a daily basis. CY’s staff, many of whom are disabled themselves, also participate in the training, as opposed to other places where training is provided by professionals who have never actually managed people with disabilities in a free market environment.

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