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Call Center

CY has over twelve years of operational experience and expertise. We specialize in defining specifications, founding and managing call centers in a variety of different industries and sectors including: insurance, banking, financing, municipalities, wholesale, technology, NPOs, social organizations and others.

Our Call Center Services

  • Service and information centers
  • Data optimization and validation centers
  • Management of customer clubs
  • Donations and small change donation programs
  • Visitor centers
  • Meeting coordination centers (telemarketing)
  • Survey centers (municipal, marketing, satisfaction)
  • Online purchase centers
  • Election back office centers (before general, national and municipal elections)
  • Scanning, archive, postal, typing and other back office services
  • Conference invitation and confirmation services

Why choose CY?


CY employees consider their employment to be their career and even their way of life, as indicated by their significantly higher tenure than is average in this sector. Naturally, these extra years of experience lead to very high levels of professionalism for both employees and managers.

Proffesionalism & Dedication

Many of our employees’ commute over two hours in each direction using public transportation just to get to work. They do so because for many, CY is their second home and family. Our employees are the most dedicated one could hope to find.

Employment for marginalized populations

CY is the only company in Israel in which over half the employees are from the disabled community, and the others are from marginalized or disadvantaged populations. Our customers choose us not only because they expect excellent service but because they get the added benefit of knowing we are providing employment to those who need it most.

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